Liberalism Colors the Story

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports: Darren Evanovich gave a video testimonial intended to deter others from a life of crime. Nine days later he was shot to death after committing a robbery. The story goes on to praise 23-year old … Continue reading

Adult Babies

Just in case you still aren’t convinced that America is not only broke, but that it has also gone barking mad crazy, certain politicians (of which party?) are calling for the government to provide us with free diapers.  Yes, it’s … Continue reading

Thoughts on Keynes, Hayek, Liberals and Conservatives

Keynesian economics is popular with politicians because it espouses all sorts of things that politicians can and should do to fix a stalled economy. Hayek’s Austrian economics holds that politicians will be creating more harm than good by doing the … Continue reading

Cell Phone Manners In A Coffee Shop

For a little Saturday morning diversion take a look at the interesting cell phone incident you’ll see by clicking on the image below (nothing will infect your computer): Assuming this is authentic, it’s funny. Is it ethical? Is it a … Continue reading

Restoration of Gun Rights For Those With Old Felony Convictions

More judicial support for the restoration of gun rights where one’s felony conviction is many years old, did not involve violence or the use of a firearm, and one has lived a law-abiding life since.  Johnston v. North Carolina finds … Continue reading

Unreported World

Ramita Navai and Wael Dabbous spend two weeks living and filming undercover in some of the most dangerous parts of Syria with members of the movement determined to overthrow Bashar al Assad’s brutal dictatorship.  Damascus, the capital city of Syria, … Continue reading

The Decline and Despair President

“Hope and Change” was the motto of the Obama election campaign which many soon re-phrased as “Hype and Chains.”  That was clever and humorous but the truth of the Obama presidency is now firmly established as a new era of … Continue reading