Will The Ethanol Boondoggle Ever End?

You know there was a strong bipartisan vote in the Senate recently to end the ethanol subsidy. That’s a good thing and many think it signals the end of the ethanol boondoggle. Not so fast. Too many of the senators … Continue reading

Whitey Bulger Caught By The FBI In LA

Story here. Whitey Bulger has been on the FBI’s ten most wanted list since 1999. For 25 years he was the boss of the Winter Hill Gang in Boston, while his brother Billy Bulger was the most powerful politician in … Continue reading

Democrats Claim Voter ID Laws Are “Jim Crow”

Democrats have never been embarrassed by their regular harangues of audacious chutzpah but their latest invective that voter ID laws are an attempt by Republicans to drag the country back to Jim Crow is too cute, and too asinine. DNC … Continue reading

Texas To Feds — Take Your Light Bulb Ban and Shove It

The Federal light bulb ban is just the sort on niggling interference into every nook and cranny of private life that people find oppressive about bloated government and busybody politicians. Texas is fighting back against the Federal ban on incandescent … Continue reading

Quote of the Day

These are quotes for any day… Texas Governor Rick Perry to a friendly crowd in New Orleans, Stop apologizing [for trying to overturn] the entitlement mindset. Stand up and be counted. Our opponents on the left are never going to … Continue reading

Iceland Wins The Bank Bailout Scheme — By Default

Trying to convince anyone that the bank bailout was a dumb idea, that it would have been better and wiser to have let the stricken banks fail, is a doubtful undertaking. The accepted wisdom is that they were “too big … Continue reading

Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade

Physicists say sunspot cycle is “going into hibernation.” What may be the science story of the century is breaking this evening, as heavyweight US solar physicists announce that the Sun appears to be headed into a lengthy spell of low … Continue reading

The Conversion of David Mamet

Rush Limbaugh interviewed David Mamet on his radio show for about 30 minutes. Hugh Hewitt had Mamet on his radio show for 2 hours. Having listened to both interviews with great interest I will certainly read this book. In fact, … Continue reading