ATF Operation Fast and Furious

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE, or more commonly ATF) operation Fast and Furious, also known as Project Gunwalker or Project Gunrunner is a scandal of the Obama administration that will, despite efforts from the old media … Continue reading

Talk of Restoring The Right of Self Defence In The U.K.

Justice Minister Ken Clarke says there is “constant doubt” about the right of British subjects to defend themselves from intruders into their homes and that legislation recently proposed in Parliament will make it “much clearer.” In 2007 former Justice Minister … Continue reading

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About the United Nations

North Korea to Lead UN’s Nuclear Disarmament Group It’s not a parody; it’s not satire; it’s….The United Nations. Actually no, it’s not the United “Nations.” It’s the United Tyrannical Dictatorships. … Continue reading

No Hope, No Change — Just Lies, Lies, Lies

The “mediscare” campaign has begun: Expect a lot more of this over the next 16 months. Even though everything in that video is a damnable lie, Republicans better not expect people to know that. They better make sure these sorts … Continue reading

Quote of the Day

Former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson before an audience of 500 recently at the Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming: “America has become a milked cow with 310 million tits.” Make that 309,999,999 tits. It ain’t me, Alan Simpson Babe! … Continue reading

Orlando Man Faces 6 Years in Prison For Video Taping Police

UPDATE FRIDAY, July 1st. John Kurtz convicted of resisting arrest and sentenced to 30 days in jail. Travesty of justice. Original post from June 28: This is not something most people believe happens in America, the land of the free … Continue reading

Quote of the Day — George Washington on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence. … Every corner of this land knows firearms, and more than 99 99/100 percent of them by their silence indicate … Continue reading

Countermeasures Against The Police War On Photography

As an avid supporter of law enforcement it’s disillusioning when cops abuse their power and act like street thugs. The official war on photography in which cops try to prevent bystanders from making audio and/or video recordings of their action … Continue reading

America’s New Racists

The photo at far left is 18-year old Carter Strange of Columbia, South Caroline before he was beaten senseless [center photo] by eight Black teenagers. Nineteen year old Thyeem Henrey [right photo] and seven Black juveniles with ages from 13 … Continue reading