To Believe Or Not To Believe, That is The Question

I have noticed that people tend to believe what Barack Obama says when they want to believe him, and those same people conveniently ignore the things he says that they don’t want to believe. Well, that’s not unusual. Most of … Continue reading

Who’s Making A Killing In Gasoline Sales?

Well, let’s see. ExxonMobile maybe? Here’s what they say on the ExxonMobile Perspectives Blog….wait, what is this blog? It’s a blog by ExxonMobile that, as they themselves say it, “offers our company’s views on the issues, policies, technologies and trends … Continue reading

The War Against Walmart — “We Don’t Want No Stinking Low Prices For Stuff We Buy Everyday!”

New York City Councilwoman Christine Quinn argues that for every two jobs Walmart creates three jobs are lost in the same neighborhood. Steve Malanga of The Manhattan Institute points out that this is the problem 19th Century French economist Frederic … Continue reading

Keynes vs. Hayek Duke It Out

Keynes: Government should just spend, spend, spend and we’ll all be rich and prosperous. Hayek: Government has no money to spend without taking it away from someone else. It’s like dipping water out of one end of a swimming pool … Continue reading

Obama Releases Birth Certificate

Trump 1, Obama 0 Obama may think he’s quelled the controversy but a lot of people wonder why it took so long and are still going to think he’s a shady character. They remember what he said during his campaign, … Continue reading

Who or What Is Responsible For High Gasoline Prices?

The average price of regular around the country was $1.80 when Obama took office. It’s around $3.80 today. What’s the cause? Obama says it’s greedy oil companies making record profits, or speculators, or us because we drive too much and … Continue reading

Texas Governor Rick Perry Is The Real Deal

Kevin Williiamson has a must read piece on Rick Perry at National Review Online. Here are a few nuggets: “Rick Perry has a complicated relationship with the Bushes, which is to say that he’s hesitant to criticize them and they … Continue reading

More DUI Convictions Thrown Out Because of Defective Breathalyzers

I’m a broken record on this but I will say it again: DUI laws are a horrible injustice because convictions are based on blood alcohol levels and not actual impairment. That’s important because when it comes to human physiological reaction … Continue reading