Bill Whittle Says — “Let’s Eat The Rich!”

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How Is The Obama Administration Changing America, And Life As We NOW Know it?

Dependency, whether upon government or some other addictive substance, robs people of their self-esteem and prevents them from ever realizing their full potential as a human being. There must be a special place in Hell for those who desire to … Continue reading

How Bad Will It Be If Obama is Reelected In 2012? Maybe Not So Bad

UPDATE 11/7/2012:  Disaster affirmed. We’re doomed, and so are those who voted for it.  They just don’t know it yet.  Those people have spoken and told us what they want.  Obama will give it to them.  Good and hard. UPDATE … Continue reading

Happy 100th Birthday To The 1911 Pistol

It was March 29, 1911 — 100 years ago tomorrow — when the U.S. War Department adopted the .45 Automatic Pistol as the official sidearm of the military. This Tuesday, take a minute to consider that this great design still … Continue reading

So, Emission-Free Electric Cars…Right?

Ah, yes, the dream of emission-free electric cars will save the world. But wait. Are they emission free? Well, not if the electricity used to recharge them comes from coal-fired power plants. In that case, an electric car is actually … Continue reading

The Third Great Migration — North to South This Time

From 1910 to 1940 two million Blacks moved from the South to the North, primarily to cities like Chicago, Detroit, and New York City. This has been called the First Great Migration. It was followed by a second and even … Continue reading

Drunk Driving Laws Are a Disgrace

They’re a disgrace because thousands are convicted of DUI who probably are no danger to anyone, having their lives torn apart by the collateral consequences of a conviction, and the real drunks are still on the road killing and maiming. … Continue reading

Turmoil In Syria

Syria is the last place I expected to see any protesting against the oppressive government of Basher Al Assad.  After all, Syria is the place where Basher’s father, Haffez Al Assad had his army machine gun all 25,000 residents of … Continue reading

Genetic Justice

Justice in criminal cases can go awry for a lot of different reasons. New theories of genetic disposition to criminal behavior are interesting and some of it might even be true. The worry is that it might become another excuse … Continue reading