Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Michelle Obama exhorts us to eat twigs and bark while she eats baby back ribs, which appear to be sticking to her ribs. Her husband wants us to drive less (which we’re doing as gasoline hits 4 bucks a gallon) … Continue reading

Twenty-Five Lawyers Kicked Out of Wyoming State Bar

Reminds me of that joke, “What do you call 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?” Punchline: “A good start.” Well, that’s just mean. I take it back. I shouldn’t be so obnoxious about my fellow members of the … Continue reading

New Hampshire Man Charged With Felony For Recording A Traffic Stop

The Union Leader reports that the Waere, New Hampshire police have charged a man under the state’s felony wiretapping statute for recording a traffic stop. As the police officer approached the man’s car he made a call on his cell … Continue reading

Former president of MADD arrested for DUI

I’m not one who thinks that a moral standard must fall simply because one of its proponents didn’t live up to it. Human beings are flawed creatures. We can all sometimes violate the very principles we try to live by. … Continue reading

Crossing The Rubicon in Wisconsin

If A and B negotiate a contract where all of the benefits go to them but all of the cost of performing the contract are to be paid for by C, who has no say in the terms of the … Continue reading

Obama’s Friends and Enemies Are Not America’s Friends and Enemies

Bill Whittle explains…well, actually there is no explanation for it…Barak Obama’s foreign policy of sneering at America’s allies while sucking up to America’s enemies. Some of those enemies want to kill us. While it’s difficult to figure out what Obama … Continue reading

Public Employee Unions Are Special Privilege For The Few Against The Many

Public Employee Unions have enabled their members to enjoy nearly twice the compensation, in wages, salary and benefits, as their counterparts in the private sector. Since government employees also have civil service protection and cannot be easily fired, even for … Continue reading

The White Rose — February 22, 1943

Today is the anniversary of the executions in Munich, Germany of three members of the White Rose, an underground student group that anonymously distributed leaflets critical of the Nazi government. Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans, and Christoph Probst were executed … Continue reading