Matterhorn — A Novel of the Vietnam War

Just finished it. It’s a must read for anyone with any interest at all in the daily life of marine grunts in Quang Tri province in 1969. When you finish this book you can say you did a tour in … Continue reading

What is “Bipartisanship” and Why Does Anyone Want It?

Politicians, bureaucrats, journalists and some voters, talk of bipartisanship as if it were the elixir that heals all wounds and turns base metal into gold. Coming to “consensus” with one’s adversaries is said to be necessary to the formulation of … Continue reading

Principles of Economics — Introductory Text Book — 900 Pages — Two Hundred Dollars

I have no doubt that this introductory economics textbook for college freshman is one of the best available. It’s 900 pages and a review of the table of contents brought back memories of my own time struggling with Econ 101. … Continue reading

Gun Owners With CCW Permits Must Be Able to Navigate Legal Minefields

Used as a metaphor, a “minefield” is a subject or situation presenting unseen hazards that might “blow up in your face.” A legal minefield might be thought of as a trap for the unwary, entangling one in a legal problem … Continue reading

Book For A New Year

Shakedown Socialism: Unions, Pitchforks, Collective Greed, The Fallacy of Economic Equality, and other Optical Illusions of “Redistributive Justice” From the Amazon Product description: This is a brilliant study, profusely illustrated with cartoons and propaganda posters. Atbashian explains why Socialism cannot … Continue reading

Bill Whittle — A Nation of Desire

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