The Alaska Recount in GOP Senate Primary — UPDATE

The close Republican U.S. Senate primary pits the GOP establishment against the Tea Party Movement. Tea Party favorite and Palin-endorsed Joe Miller is ahead of establishment-backed Lisa Murkowski by 1,668 votes. But 23,000 absentee ballots have not been counted. For … Continue reading

Yes, It Would Be Legal To Build A Mosque Near Ground Zero — So?

The left-wing intelligentsia cannot defend any of its ideas with reasoned argument, cannot or will not respond to any of the objections raised by conservatives to their socialist plans for America; in frustration or confusion when presented with an actual … Continue reading

Bear Attack In Alaska

Email received from a reader, about a brown bear (Alaska’s version of the grizzly) attack near Soldotna, Alaska: King season is over, and since I had a day off before silvers start, I thought I would go for a walk! … Continue reading

Hayworth To the Slaughter

John McCain won a landslide victory over J.D. Hayworth in the Arizona primary. Arizona Republicans soundly rejected Hayworth and maybe he deserved it. But I don’t think 6 more years of John McCain, the real one that will surely return … Continue reading

The Iraq War is NOT Responsible For The Exploding Deficit

Using the Government’s own numbers compiled by the Congressional Budget Office for 2009 and later and from the U.S. Statistical Abstract for 2008 and earlier, Randall Hoven soundly demolishes the myth promulgated by Democrats that the Iraq War is responsible … Continue reading

I Want Your Money

This video contrasts two views of the role that the federal government should play in our daily lives using the words and actions of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Two versions of the American dream now stand in sharp contrast. … Continue reading

Obama’s Point Of No Return

J.R. Dunn thinks Obama has jumped the shark with his ringing endorsement of the ground zero mosque, which Rush Limbaugh calls the “Hamasque” because of the strong backing by Hamas. Dunn opens his American Thinker essay this way: There comes … Continue reading

Just Say No

Democrats want our freedom and our money. President Ronald Reagan had a simple answer to that sort of thing. Tell them, “NO, you can’t have it.” Do we still believe in our capacity for self government? I hope so. Freedoms … Continue reading

What Do Women Really Want?

There is always something happening when I’m not looking. Usually I’m not surprised. Mostly the strange goings on just reflect an aspect of human nature with which I’m already familiar. But this one took me by surprise, assuming it’s true: … Continue reading