The Firm: The Inside Story of the Stasi

I could describe this in detail but why not just cut to the chase. First, listen to this: Listen here (19 minutes), or go here to download the mp3 and put it on an iPod, iPhone or other mp3 player. … Continue reading

Fox News Poll Has R’s Ahead of D’s by 11 points in Generic Ballot Poll

Fox News: With less than 100 days until the midterm elections, American voters would give the edge to Republicans by an 11 percentage-point margin if the Congressional election were today. Yet a majority doesn’t think a Republican takeover of Congress … Continue reading

British Prime Minister David Cameron Goes Full Idiot In Turkey

In a previous post, American Politics Has Caught The British Disease, it was said that our domestic politics now resembles the British example of gentry liberals aligning with the welfare class in a war against the middle class. This is … Continue reading

Obamacare’s Political Future

Democrats and establishment Republicans, i.e., RINOs, depend upon the public’s short memory to get them through tough times. These politicians figure that no matter how much you dislike what they are doing they needn’t worry if they can get it … Continue reading

John Kerry Did The Right Thing — For Once

John Kerry is getting heat for parking his wife’s $7 Million yacht in Rhode Island to save half a million dollars in boat taxes that Massachusetts would levy if he berthed it there. OK, Kerry is fond of sticking us … Continue reading

Journalistas Protecting Obama

Michael Ramirez Here is what Journalism has come to: Andrew Breitbart, Michele Malkin, The Daily Caller, conservative talk radio, conservative magazines, conservative books, conservative bloggers, conservative columnists, etc. are all trying to get more information out into the open where … Continue reading

The Vast Left-Wing Media — Now It Is A Conspiracy

Fred Barnes writes in the Wall Street Journal about the vast left-wing media which we always knew acted in concert, but we thought it was only by tacit agreement. In other words, it wasn’t a conspiracy but rather an unstated … Continue reading

The Liberal Dilemma — Eventually They Run Out of Other People’s Money

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.959138&w=640&h=385&] … Continue reading