Vote For Liberty — Defeat Tyranny

I once lived in Pennsylvania for a couple of years and I hold a special affection for the State. Tim Burns is trying to capture the Congressional seat formerly held by the vile John Murtha (for 36 years). The primary … Continue reading

Obama’s Envy

Speaking in Quincy, Ill yesterday Obama said, “We’re not, we’re not trying to push financial reform because we begrudge success that’s fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” Maybe you thought you … Continue reading

Obama’s Contempt For Israel — And Jews?

I’ve written quite a few times about Obama’s contempt for Israel. Here’s a list that even shocks me in it’s length: Netanyahu Should Tell Obama to Go Pound Sand Reaction to Obama’s Rude Treatment of Bibi Netanyahu Congress to Obama … Continue reading

Liberals Try To Play The Violence Card

In case you missed it Rush Limbaugh had a column in last Friday’s Wall Street Journal that is now available at Opinion Journal. In Liberals Play the Violence Card Rush takes on Bill Clinton’s “celebration” of the 15th anniversary of … Continue reading

Governor Culver Will Sign The Iowa CCW Improvements Bill

Two weeks ago I reported this: SF 2379 has been approved by overwhelming majorities in the both the House and Senate in Iowa and awaits the governor’s signature. It will make Iowa another “shall issue” state and all out-of-state permits … Continue reading

Arizona’s New Immigration Law

UPDATE 4/26: Activists Amplify Arizona Act, Accelerating Attrition Aftermath I think the biggest impact of the new law won’t actually be in its implementation; rather, the hyperbolic fear-mongering by the bill’s opponents will actually amplify its effect far beyond anything … Continue reading