Drill Baby, Drill

UPDATE Thursday: Maybe the title for this post should have been “Stall Baby, Stall.” After reading the following please see the update at the bottom. Today, Obama announced plans to lift a 20-year moratorium on oil exploration and development in … Continue reading

Three Reasons Public Sector Unions Are Killing The Economy

It’s not just the economy that public sector unions are killing. They’re distorting politics and killing liberty also. Read more: New York’s Two-Party System: Public Unions on One Side, Billionaires on the Other Side, by Fred Siegel … Continue reading

Earth Hour? It’s Earth Lifetime In North Korea

While the U.S. has a pretty stupid “earth hour” where lefty looney tunes turn off all electricity, this picture shows the dark night in North Korea that is not just for an hour, but for a lifetime. South Korea is … Continue reading

Why Are Corporations Taking Write Downs This year For Costs That Obamacare Will Impose On Them In The Future?

You have probably heard or read that AT&T, Caterpillar, John Deere, and other companies are taking write downs in their financial statements for the future cost increases that Obamacare will impose on them. Henry Nostrilitis Waxman (D-Calif.) is on the … Continue reading

Don’t Give Your Hard Earned Money to the RNC

If you want Republicans to take back Congress in November give generously to individual candidates but don’t give one dime to the odious, reprehensible, terrible, disgraceful, execrable, loathsome and, worst of all, totally ineffective RNC. If you’ve ever registered as … Continue reading

Congress to Obama — Grow Up

Home Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have both gone public with their contempt for Israel in the last few days. I wrote about Obama’s rude behavior with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu here and here. Now there is … Continue reading

Predictable Reaction to The Liberal Looting of the New York Times Company

Home Two weeks ago I wrote about the multi-million dollar bonuses being paid by The New York Times Company to Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger and Janet Robinson while the company has cajoled its union workers in Boston (the company owns the … Continue reading

Reactions to Obama’s Rude Treatment of Bibi Netanyahu

Go to Home Page In the post just below [Netanyahu Should Tell Obama to go Pound Sand] I talk about Obama’s rudeness when Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu was invited to the White House to receive several outrageous demands on … Continue reading