Did Obama Give The GOP The Finger?

The video is at Real Clear Politics. Watch it and decide for yourself. I think he has done this too often for it to have an innocent explanation. It’s his trademark now. He did it to Hillary quite clearly, and … Continue reading

Libertarianism versus Liberalism

If you don’t watch videos on blogs because it takes too long, please make an exception for this one. It’s great. Stossel’s interview of Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine and Reason TV turns into a debate between Gillespie and a … Continue reading

British Newspapers and American Bloggers Only Source of Climategate News

Once again we rely on British newspapers to report the stories our own newspapers don’t think is important. The latest revelation that American Journalists have no interest in reporting is that Climategate scientists conduct was not only unethical but also … Continue reading

The New Yorker Goes To A Tea Party

The Movement The rise of Tea Party activism. by Ben McGrath At The New Yorker. You wouldn’t expect an enthusiastic article about the Tea Party Movement from the pinnacle of Manhattan elitism, but this one is fairly well balanced and … Continue reading

Obama Caves On KSM Trial in NYC

The Washington Post reports that Obama has decided not to put 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed on trial in New York City. The pressure has been mounting for reversal of this boneheaded decision to treat enemy combatants as no different … Continue reading

Pelosi Determined to Pass Obamacare By Any Means Necessary

The last Rasmussen Poll on healthcare showed that 61% of the American people want Congress to drop healthcare and focus on other issues. Last Friday, January 22nd, Pelosi said the House did not have the votes to pass Obamacare. Rasmussen … Continue reading

Update: Challenge To California’s “May Issue” Law

On January 15th I posted: Challenge to California’s May Issue Law in which I extolled the virtues of a possibly “wise Latina Judge” [no kidding] who is learned in the law and apparently believes in liberty as well. Justice Sonja … Continue reading

Colorado Republicans To Get A Boost From Obama

The Denver Post reports that Obama will come to Colorado in February to campaign for the accidental Senator Michael Bennet and Denver Mayor Hickenlooper who is running for governor. Cool. The Colorado Republican Party can use all the help it … Continue reading