1913 Harley Davidson — All Original

Now that you’ve seen the video, what is your guess as to what this vintage classic would bring on the collector market? It varies from time to time, but the prices are based on the fickle desires of collectors which are subject to change, and how rare the particular item happens to be. The latter changes more slowly, and for an original, as opposed to a restored vehicle, they only become more rare as time passes. One such as this that is in good condition and is original and not restored is quite rare and, at the present time, should be extremely valuable. Recently sales of vintage motorcycles such as this have topped $100,000, and many of those were not in near as good condition as this one.

Some sales have approached $200,000 if you can believe what you see and hear on the Velocity channel. If I owned this I think I’d sell now because those prices could be cut in half in a heartbeat. Almost nothing changes faster than the desires of collectors of vintage cars and motorcycles. Good condition originals, however, are always the most valuable at any time.

  • Gary Wooding

    Is this bike for sale ? If so I am interested