Obama — The God That Failed

The God That Failed is a great book that I read several years ago. The Amazon description heralds it as the book that “…brings together essays by six of the most important writers of the twentieth century on their conversion to and subsequent disillusionment with communism. In describing their own experiences, the authors illustrate the fate of leftism around the world. André Gide (France), Richard Wright (the United States), Ignazio Silone (Italy), Stephen Spender (England), Arthur Koestler (Germany), and Louis Fischer, an American foreign correspondent, all tell how their search for the betterment of humanity led them to communism, and the personal agony and revulsion which then caused them to reject it.”

The crucial event for those communists of the 1930s was the Hitler-Stalin Non-Agression Pact of 1939 in which Hitler and Stalin set out their qgreement on how they would carve up poland into separate regions for each to conquer and rule over. After 12 years or so of Stalin enticing Western intellectuals that the real evil in the world was Nazism and that Stalinism, i.e., Soviet Communism was the ideology of the good people, they were shocked to their core when Stalin was finally revealed as a brutal dictator no different than Adolph Hitler. This burst the bubble of Communism, it was now plain to see it as little different from Nazism.

Actually, we now know that Stalin had been laying the groundwork for this deal with Hitler for over half a decade at least. Stephen Koch has written two books that brilliantly explore this fascinating bit of history, Double Lives (1994) and The Breaking Point (2005).

This event in 1939 was the one that showed the world who were the well intentioned people who suddenly discovered they had been deceived by Stalin and thereafter suffered disallusionment with Communism, the god that failed, and the true leftists who hardly noticed what Stalin had done because they were never deceived by Stalin anyway. They were true believers and fellow travelers who hated Western Civilization and would have aligned with either dictator anyway.

Now a great essay has been written, Blue State Blues: Barack Obama, the God That Failed, that apparently, because of the title the author chose, sees parallels between the experience of 1930s communists who adopted communism as a secular religion and the Obamaistas who adopted the Democrat party with nearly the same hope and fervor. Obama is their god that failed.

For them, Obama’s win in 2008 was no ordinary election victory, but a kind of millenarian, messianic moment, beyond which future elections would never again be in doubt, or even necessary.

They believed Obama had a mandate to “fundamentally transform” America, and they believed once that transformation had happened, it would be institutionally irreversible, as well as wildly popular, and guaranteed by demographic changes that immigration reformers were doing their best to hurry along.

They believed that Obama was leading them to a utopia where they and their kind would rule for decades if not forever. Now they see they followed him down a narrow path to a dystopian future where they will be forced to face what happens when you follow an ideology that replaces true religion with politics.

New York Times accuses Trump of lying about the size of the crowd at inauguration

New York Times uses this photo to show the side-by-side comparison of the size of the crowd for Obama’s inauguration in 2009 and Trump’s inauguration on Friday.

trump inaguration

So, it looks as if Obama’s inauguration drew a massive crowd and Trump’s inauguration was sparsely attended, right?

No, it’s the New York Times that is lying, not Trump. Who would have thought? The New York Times, the “paper of record, all the news fit to print” lying?

But there is the photo, is it lying? Sure looks like Trump’s crowd was small. But here’s the thing, the photo on the right of Trump’s crowd is said [by Brit Hume, who was there in person] to have been taken early in the morning, long before the inauguration began at 12:00 Noon Washington time.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but those words can just as easily add up to a lie.

Here’s a photo of the crowd at Trump’s Inauguration by the time it started:

trump inauguaration2

That photo is also worth a thousand words…that aren’t trying to fool you. The white areas in the photo are areas blocked off for security reasons.

230 anti-Trump protesters arrested — could face 10 years for felony rioting

1960s protesters were flower children:

Vietnam War protestor puts flowers into the barrels of soldiers' rifles, 1967

Vietnam War protestor puts flowers into the barrels of soldiers’ rifles, 1967

1960s protesters, the girls were sexy:

Washington, D.C. - May 9, 1970 -- Actress Jane Fonda is shown as she addressed the estimated 100,000 people who attended the anti-war rally by the White House.  The Demonstration was generally non-violent save for scattered outbreaks along Pennsylvania Avenue near the Department of Justice Building. Credit: Benjamin E. "Gene" Forte - CNP (Newscom TagID: null) [Photo via Newscom]

Washington, D.C. – May 9, 1970 — Actress Jane Fonda is shown as she addressed the estimated 100,000 people who attended the anti-war rally by the White House. The Demonstration was generally non-violent save for scattered outbreaks along Pennsylvania Avenue near the Department of Justice Building.
Credit: Benjamin E. “Gene” Forte – CNP (Newscom TagID: null) [Photo via Newscom]

Anti-Trump rioters are hooligan criminals:

window breaking

And firebugs:

limo fire

1960s protests ended in sex orgies. Anti-Trump protests end in felony charges for the rioters dressed in all black and destroying property and beating people up. Then they have the gall to say they are fighting Fascsim.

Whole story at UK Daily Mail.

The Women’s March in Washington DC

All the big names and celebs were there. I think Michael Moore was the only man in attendance. He still identifies as a man doesn’t he? I’m can’t remember. He Spoke to the crowd but I’m not sure what he had to say, he was bit weak just coming off a 20-minute hunger strike.
michael moore

Glum and Glummer

Clintons watching Trump’s Inauguration speech. Being the winner, Trump realized this was the time to be magnanimous, and he was. He called for a standing ovation for the Clintons, and everybody gave them a good send off. Of course, they did. It was a moment of pure joy to see them go….for good we can hope.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 10.25.02 AM

TFW = “that feeling when”


“preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Congratulations, Mr. President. I believe you will “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  When another man pledged that same thing 8 years ago today I believed that he didn’t mean it, and he spent 8 years proving that he never meant it and didn’t care a thing about it.

But that’s over, and it’s morning in America again.

It’s notable that Trump supporters did not boo Obama as Obama supporters booed Bush 8 years ago today. So who are the deplorables?

Barack Obama made America a more open society — Myth or Fact?

Barack Obama said that his main goal as President would be to fundamentally transform America. That was the calling cry of his 2008 campaign, e.g., in an October 2008 campaign visit to Columbia, Mo Obama said“…we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

He backtrakced on that in a Bill O’Reilly interview on February 2, 2014, but it’s clear to any impartial observer that Barack Obama has all his life been hostile to the America of the founding fathers. He came into office wanting to “fundamentally transform” America into something entirely different than what they created in 1789. Rush Limbaugh said he hoped Obama would fail, i.e., that he would fail in his attempt to fundamentally transform America. Rush has since said many times that Obame did not fail, that he succeeded beyond all his dreams. It’s hard to disagree. He did change America. It turns out the voters now want their country back.

So is America a more open society today than when Obama took office in January, 2009? Is America more tolerant of different lifestyles, of different political opinions, of different people? You might say gay marriage shows that yes, America is now more tolerant. But tell that to Brendan Eich who was forced out of his positioin as CEO of Mozilla when it was discovered that he had donated $1,000 to California Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in Californiabefore being struck down by an activist judge in 2013. Tell that to the bakeries that have been subjected to harrassment for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding, or the photographers who have been hounded merifully for saying they would rather not photograph a gay wedding.

That some who provides wedding cakes and photograghy believe their religion teachs them marriage is sacred and same sex marriage is abominable and is not a marriage at all does not mean that gay couples cannot easily obtain these services elsewhere. The only reason to hound and persecute these people for their religious beliefs is sheer abject intolerance of other opinions, other lifestyles, other people.  This intolerance is so intense it is can rightly be compared to Nazi persecution of Jews in the 1930s. The only dfference in that, so far at least, this new “Gay Mafia” has not started shooting people down on the street.  For the time being they seem content to simply ruin people’s livelihoods and subject them to Star Chamber style court proceedings.

The current strain of malignant hateful intolerance now extends to Trump supporters afraid to announce their support publicly for fear of being ostracized, or worse. Millions who voted for Trump feel that have to pretend they voted for Hillary in order to keep their friends or avoid having to undergo a dressing down by their friends.

The answer to the question posed by the title to this post is that Obama has fundamentally transformed America and made it worse. I hope we get our country back under Donald Trump’s presidency, and I believe we will.

Further study is available at today’s WSJ: Coming Out — This Time for Trump, Hiding My Support For Him Felt The Same Way as Keeping My Sexual Orientation Secret

The Second Amendment is not negotiable

“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man”  — Thomas Jefferson

Terrific Op-ed by Congressman Matt Gaetz who represents the First District of Florida.

Liberal activist John Cork asks in a recent column, “Who is Matt Gaetz Protecting?” The answer: Gun owners and our Constitution. Some on the left believe the Second Amendment is negotiable, flexible – even forgettable. I don’t – and Andy Marlette’s cartoons provide the evidence.

Jefferson’s words ring true today – especially given increasing violence in society. When Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Michael Bloomberg called for a repeal of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, I proudly stood up to them. We didn’t weaken Stand Your Ground, we made it even stronger to protect those under attack.

As a state legislator, I championed open gun carry in Florida. Forty-Five states allow open carry in some form. States that allow open carry have 23% less violent crime, fewer murders and fewer aggravated assaults. The numbers don’t lie – which is likely why Mr. Cork didn’t cite any.

Congress can do more to restore the rights of law-abiding gun owners. Today, when a Florida conceal carry permit holder travels to Alabama, Georgia or any other state, they cannot carry absent duplicative permitting. I’ve joined Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) introducing national conceal carry reciprocity legislation. In our state, conceal carry permit holders are remarkably law-abiding citizens. In fact, they are eight times less likely to commit crimes than members of law enforcement. We hope to pass this bill soon.

Mr. Cork writes, “There are numerous effective strategies that reduce the odds of the mentally ill obtaining firearms. The NRA and Rep. Gaetz oppose them all.” That is a lie. And I can prove it.

No person should be able to walk out of a mental institution and return to an arsenal. In 2013, I was Criminal Justice Chairman in the Florida House of Representatives. We worked with Democrats, Republicans, the NRA and others to pass HB 1355. According to nonpartisan analysis, this law prohibits the sale or delivery of firearms to someone “adjudicated mentally defective” or who has been “committed to a mental institution.” That’s just commonsense. Perhaps Mr. Cork should take better aim of the facts before publishing fake news.

For eight years President Obama has blamed law-abiding gun owners for the tragic events caused by a disturbed few. In Northwest Florida, we proudly “cling to our guns and bibles.” We always will. And if anyone ever wonders who I am protecting by supporting the Second Amendment, it just may be you or your family. Because, in America, you always have the right to protect yourself.

Liberal gun grabbers don’t like the terminology of “adjudicated mentally defective” or “commtted to a mental institution.” They want the ability to deprive anyone of their Second Amendment rights with an unproven accusation.

An example of fake news the demonstrates how powerful it can be

I get a copy of an email from a Wall Street Insider who is highly regarded as a brilliant market analyst. I’m not supposed to get it because it’s just for members of the Wall Street elite, but I have my sources.  In today’s email he demonstrates that he believes the CNN fake news about Rep. Tom Price’s supposedly unethical stock trading. This is why the legacy media invented fake news. It works. It bolsters their political agenda.

The daily email to all the other Wall Street Moguls reinforces their left-wing bias and relieves them of the need to be correctly informed. It’s easy to believe fake news if you think all of your colleagues believe it. It’s also confirmation bias for what you are predisposed to believe. It’s why millions of worldly dumbbells believe the nutbag hoopla over climate change.

Uninformed voters have no desired to become better informed, so they will forever believe that Rep. Tom Price made an unethical stock trade. It’s why CNN and most of the rest of the legacy media plant false stories in the news cycle and aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

That segment of the American public who are informed grow to hate the legacy media more every day. The legacy media could not care less. They think, and they could be right, that the credulous outnumber the skeptics.

Fortunately for those of us whose political point of view includes reverence for the truth, even when it fails to support our preconceived notions, as of tomorrow we will have a president who won’t stand still for this nonsense.  Unlike most other Republicans, he fights back. Kellyanne Conway has decided to take a job that will keep her in a White House, and she doesn’t suffer fools lightly. It’s going to be a good ride.